Botanical Combinations and Extracts

Klaire Labs provides a range of premium grade botanical extracts, herbal supplements & phytonutrients to support optimal

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  1. ACUMEN New Products
    Clinically shown to support working memory and retention (formerly KeenMind®)

    Klaire Labs' new product Acumen, a high potency standardized whole plant Bacopa monnieri extract CDRI 08®, is clinically demonstrated to support working memory and retention.† (Formerly KeenMind®)

    SKU# ACU
    60 CAPSULES 
  2. Adrenal Support Formula
    Enhances ability to respond to stress

    This specialized formula delivers beneficial amounts of glycyrrhizic acid, adrenal concentrate, and several vitamins. Not for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

    SKU# CP1610
    90 CAPSULES 
  3. Adrenamin™
    Supports adrenal function

    Assists the ability of the adrenal gland to respond to various types of physiological stress through adaptogenic actions of Eleuthero, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps mushroom.

    SKU# ADN
    120 CAPSULES
  4. Advanced Inflamm. Support Hypoallergenic
    Supports healthy inflammatory response

    Advanced Inflammation Support combines several ingredients designed to support healthy inflammation metabolism in tissues affected by a host of lifestyle factors, including being overweight, getting too little exercise, stress, sleep deprivation, and excessive intake of sugar, starch, trans-fatty acids, and vegetable oils.

    SKU# CP1625
    120 CAPSULES 
  5. ArthroThera™ Dairy Free, Soy Free
    A dual approach for support of connective tissue and joint function

    ArthroThera™ supports formation of structurally sound joint and cartilage tissue and healthy regulation of the body’s natural inflammatory response.

    SKU# ART
    120 TABLETS 
  6. Ashwagandha Extract Hypoallergenic
    Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb

    Modulates cortisol release induced by physiological stress.

    SKU# ASW
    60 CAPSULES 
  7. Berberine Hypoallergenic
    Supports healthy glucose regulation

    Studies suggest a beneficial role of berberine in healthy glucose regulation. Derived berberine is provided as berberine hydrochloride, the best studied form.

    SKU# BER
    120 CAPSULES 
  8. BioDIM® (150 mg) Dairy Free
    BIODIM® (150 MG)
    Patented, bioavailable form of diindolylmethane (DIM)

    Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a metabolite of indole-3-carbinol, a nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables.

    SKU# CP8085
    60 CAPSULES 
  9. Bioflavonoid Complex
    Balanced mix of bioflavonoids with quercetin

    This formula is designed to contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood vessels and provides a balanced mix of select bioflavonoids including a standardized extract of quercetin.

    SKU# CP1480
    120 CAPSULES 
  10. Candida Complex
    Promotes a balanced GI microbiota

    This powerful phytonutrient complex was designed for restoring and maintaining a healthy, balanced gastrointestinal microbiota.

    SKU# CP1670
    90 CAPSULES 
  11. Colon Cleanse
    Synergistic blend supports gentle colon detox

    Colon Cleanse provides a synergistic proprietary combination of botanicals and probiotics to gently detoxify the colon.

    SKU# CP6221
    100 CAPSULES 
  12. Cortisol Management
    Helps the body defend against stress-produced cortisol levels

    Cortisol Management is a combination of two patented stress management ingredients.

    SKU# CP7380
    90 CAPSULES 
  13. CURCUTHERA™ New Products
    A bioavailable curcumin extract powered by Phytosome® delivery technology

    Curcuthera is a hypoallergenic, bioavailable curcumin supplement containing Meriva®. An extensively studied curcumin extract, Meriva® has 18 times higher bioavailability of curcumin and 29 times higher relative absorption of total curcuminoids vs. standardized curcumin

    60 CAPSULES 
  14. Dual Detox™ Hypoallergenic
    Binds intestinal toxins and supports natural liver detoxifying effects

    This advanced blend of green plant concentrates and enzymes helps protect the body against chemicals ingested in the daily diet and through environmental exposure.

    SKU# DTX
    120 CAPSULES 
  15. EstroThera™ Hypoallergenic
    For hot flashes during menopause

    Supplies black cohosh and other botanicals which have some success in clinical studies in minimizing menopausal symptoms.

    SKU# EST
    60 CAPSULES 

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