Botanical Combinations and Extracts

Klaire Labs provides a range of premium grade botanical extracts, herbal supplements & phytonutrients to support optimal health.

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  1. Dual Detox™
    Dual Detox™
    Binds intestinal toxins and supports natural liver detoxifying effects

    An advanced blend of green plant concentrates and enzymes for protection against chemical exposures from your daily diet and the environment.

    SKU# DTX
    120 CAPSULES 
  2. Green Tea Extract
    Green Tea Extract
    95% polyphenol content

    Provides epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an important polyphenol in green tea that promotes fat oxidation and calorie-burning.

    SKU# GTE
    60 CAPSULES 
  3. Hepatothera™ Forté
    Hepatothera™ Forté
    Intensive support for biological and chemical challenges to liver function

    Designed to help support your liver’s detoxification actions during significant exposure to toxins from chemicals, heavy metals, drugs, and other sources.

    90 CAPSULES 
  4. Protectagen™
    Protects GI tissue while promoting DNA repair

    Protectagen™ contains AC-11®, a unique botanical extract providing support for the body’s natural defenses at the molecular level to protect DNA and guard against oxidative stress.

    SKU# PTG
    60 CAPSULES 
  5. Ashwagandha Extract
    Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb

    Ashwagandha's adaptogenic effects may promote cortisol balance to support a healthy stress and immune response.

    SKU# ASW
    60 CAPSULES 
  6. SpectraFiber™
    Multi-source, bran-free

    SpectraFiber™ combines purified and whole food plant concentrates containing a broad-spectrum of natural soluble fiber components. Free of cereal grains and bran for maximum GI tolerance.

    SKU# SPF
    120 CAPSULES 
  7. Colon Cleanse
    Colon Cleanse
    Synergistic blend supports gentle colon detox

    Our proprietary combination of botanicals and probiotics helps gently detoxify your colon.

    SKU# CP6221
    100 CAPSULES 
  8. HepatoThera™
    General support for liver detoxification and protective enzyme pathways

    This formula complements MultiThera® multivitamin formulas with nutrients and antioxidants that protect your liver and help detoxify everyday foreign substances.

    SKU# HEP
    60 CAPSULES 
  9. Cortisol Management
    Cortisol Management
    Supports healthy cortisol levels impacted by stress

    Patented botanical ingredients shown to support a healthy stress response, promote non-sedating relaxation and help control stress-related eating.

    SKU# CP7380
    90 CAPSULES 
  10. Immunomax™ Capsules
    Immunomax™ Capsules
    Concentrated mushroom extracts and green tea leaf to support balanced immune response

    A blend of well-researched, concentrated medicinal mushroom extracts plus green tea extract to support your immune system.

    SKU# CP8296
    90 CAPSULES 
  11. GlucoThera™ Forté
    Glucothera™ Forté
    Enhanced with cinnamon, turmeric, and extra alpha-lipoic acid

    The nutrients in GlucoThera™ plus cinnamon and turmeric extracts and twice the alpha-lipoic acid for those needing maximum glucose metabolism support.

    SKU# GLF
    120 CAPSULES 
    Neuronutrients to support brain health†

    A specially designed nutrient formula with 12 key nutrients that support your brain function and mental clarity.†

    SKU# NRO
    60 TABLETS 
  13. ACUMEN
    Clinically shown to support working memory and retention

    Contains whole-plant Bacopa monnieri extract (CDRI 08®) which helps support cognitive function, memory, stress management, and mood.    

    SKU# ACU
    60 CAPSULES 
  14. BioDIM® (150 mg)
    Biodim® (150 MG)
    Patented, bioavailable form of diindolylmethane (DIM)

    DIM, a nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, promotes healthy estrogen metabolism in both men and women.

    SKU# CP8085
    60 CAPSULES 
  15. Garcinia Cambogia
    Inhibits fat production

    CitriMax® brand garcinia cambogia standardized extract has been clinically shown to regulate appetite and inhibit fat production, without stimulating the central nervous system.

    SKU# GRC

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