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  1. OcuThera™
    Extra antioxidant protection for the eyes

    Visual tissues are highly susceptible to free radical damage from daily exposure to light radiation and oxygen. Lutein, bilberry, and other antioxidants help protect the ocular lens, retina, and macula.

    SKU# OCU
    60 CAPSULES 
  2. OMEGA-3 MINI™
    Smaller size fish oil softgel, natural lemon flavor

    Omega-3 Mini™ contains the same premium fish oil concentrate as our Marine Fish Oil softgels, but the capsules are half the size. This smaller softgel is often preferred by children and other individuals who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.

    SKU# OM3
    100 SOFTGELS 
  3. OmegaThera™
    A unique mix of omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids plus conjugated linoleic acid to help rebalance fatty acid intake

    This mixed fatty acid supplement supplies important omega series fats that are often difficult to obtain from the diet. Combines ultra-pure fish oil and premium plant seeds oils in one convenient product.

    SKU# OMG
    100 SOFTGELS 
  4. OsteoThera™ (capsules)
    Build and maintain good bone health with a multifactorial approach

    OsteoThera™ provides highly bioavailable forms of calcium, magnesium, and boron and selected vitamins to promote bone health. OsteoThera™ is a good choice for adult men and women of all ages.

    120 CAPSULES
  5. OsteoThera™ (Ipriflavone)
    Added benefits for bone density

    Studies with ipriflavone show it can enhance bone formation and inhibit bone breakdown. It is added to this formula for patients at highest risk of osteoporosis who are under regular clinical supervision.

    SKU# OST2
    120 TABLETS 

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