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Klaire Labs®: Serving Healthcare Professionals For More Than 47 Outstanding Years
Klaire Labs® was founded in 1969 by Claire Farr, whose primary goal was to provide nutritional support for individuals with severe food allergies and environmental sensitivities. Developing some of the very first hypoallergenic nutritional supplements available, Klaire Labs® was truly an innovator in dairy-free probiotics and vegetarian enzymes for gastrointestinal support. An unwavering commitment to hypoallergenicity, product purity, and rigorous quality control has been the hallmark of the Klaire Labs® brand for more than 47 years. And having earned a strong reputation and brand recognition in the medical community, Klaire Labs® products continue to be the choice of physicians worldwide.

In 2004, Klaire Labs® was acquired by ProThera®, Inc., a nutritionally focused healthcare company that specializes in nutraceutical formulation, research, and manufacturing. ProThera® adopted the highly respected Klaire Labs® brand as a source of probiotics, enzymes, and other specialty products. Today, Klaire Labs® maintains its commitment to product purity and hypoallergenicity, offering an extensive selection of probiotics and enzymes for support of gastrointestinal health. By working closely with clinicians and researchers in the areas of intestinal dysbiosis, immune system dysregulation, and neurodevelopmental disorders, Klaire Labs® products have been carefully designed to assist gastrointestinal, neurological, detoxification, and immune system functions.

Over 47 Years of Innovation & Accomplishments
Listed below are just a few of the many accomplishments Klaire Labs®
has achieved over the years.

Hypoallergenic Nutraceuticals
Introduced dietary supplements free of common allergens such as wheat, gluten, corn, milk, lactose, soy, peanut, and yeast, as well as MSG, sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, and starch.

Dairy-Free Probiotics
Pioneered and developed hypoallergenic probiotic formulas free of dairy protein for maximum gastrointestinal support for individuals with even the most severe food allergies and sensitivities.

Enzymes with DPP-IV Activity for Gluten and Casein Digestion

Formulated SerenAid
®, a plant-derived enzyme supplement with DPP-IV activity, to hydrolyze casein, gluten, and other small peptides, enhancing digestion of a full-range of plant and animal proteins.

Awarded Four U.S. Patents for Enzyme Composition with DPP-IV Activity
Earned four patents for proprietary enzyme compositions with DPP-IV activity designed to support hydrolysis of exorphins (opiate-acting peptides) thought to be responsible for neurological symptomatology in children on the autism spectrum.

Proprietary, Acid-Stable Probiotic Delivery
Developed InTactic
®, an innovative, acid-stable delivery technology used in
® high-potency probiotic formulas, to protect probiotics from gastric acid destruction.

Annual Probiotic Symposium Sponsorship
Provided funding for a landmark Annual Probiotic Symposium uniting international researchers and clinicians. This symposium offers continuing medical education and practical, clinically relevant information on probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and complementary agents.

Patent-Pending Antibiofilm Formulas
Developed patent-pending InterFase
® and InterFase Plus® specialty enzyme supplements with documented antibiofilm activity that disrupt the biofilm matrix that embeds potential GI pathogens.

IRB Approval for Clinical Trial of Probiotics
Received IRB approval to initiate a probiotic clinical trial to assess the potential benefit of probiotic supplementation to help reduce the incidence of immunosuppressant-associated diarrhea.


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